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Send us a message, and we will direct it to the appropriate executive member for you.

This form by default will email the Communications Coordinator.  If you wish to email someone else from the Executive directly, please click the "Envelope" beside their name.

Name: Kevin Wright
Position: President
Name: Matt Deutscher
Position: Vice President
Name: Chantal Issel
Position: Secretary
Name: Juanita Beal
Position: Treasurer
Name: Dora Lynn Lightle
Position: Bingo Treasurer
Name: Jennifer Berry
Position: Registrar
Name: Michelle Schaan
Position: Jr. Rally Cap Coordinator
Name: Darren Barber
Position: Sr. Rally Cap Coordinator
Name: Lalena Simon
Position: 11U Coordinator
Name: Dallas Doell
Position: 13U Coordinator
Name: Ryan Spelay
Position: 15U Coordinator
Name: Lawrence Hinke
Position: 18U Coordinator
Name: Wayne Dust
Position: Equipment Coordinator
Name: Leanne Hunter
Position: Uniforms
Name: Curtis Veale
Position: Special Events Coordinator
Name: Elly Johnson
Position: Bingo Coordinator
Name: Ryan Ottenbreit
Position: Communications Coordinator
Name: Michelle Ottenbreit
Position: Criminal Record Check Coordinator
Name: Lori Haugrud
Position: Member at Large
Name: Jason Baptist
Position: Member at Large
Name: Lindsay Olfert
Position: Member at Large