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Baseball Manager Guidelines 2024 (Download PDF version)




Baseball Coach/Manager Guidelines

As per A’s constitution:

All coaches must select a parent of one of their players as a team manager and another parent as treasurer, to act as joint signing officers. Team managers must submit a financial statement within four weeks of their last game to Zone President and the parents of their players. All income and expense receipts must be kept for an additional three weeks, subject to Zone audit, in the event of discrepancy. Appointed Team Manager and Treasurer should not be filled by the spouse of the head Coach.

Prior to the Start of the Season (Head Coach and Manager):

  • Head coach and manager should discuss which duties will be covered by the manager. Most coaches prefer to just coach and have the manager attend to everything else, including coordinating and delegating team duties.
  • Head coach and manager should coordinate and set parent meeting date as soon as possible.
  • Manager should help the coach with the parent meeting. Ensure expectations are laid out, team fee amounts are decided, tournaments are planned and assign any jobs you want to be done for the year. Discuss any clothing options.
  • Baseball Saskatoon uses a communication database TeamLinkt for scheduling, pitch count and game results. Enter data for each family. Invite members from an email list and advise them to fill in their information (ie. phone numbers, etc.). This will allow easy communication and coordination of events.
  • Plan potential tournaments with your coach. Phone to see if there is room and book hotel blocks. This should be done ASAP; you can always cancel if needed. Tournaments are found on Baseball Sask and Minor Baseball sites.
  • Book additional practices through the City of Saskatoon or the Gordie Howe Sports Complex. The cost for team practices comes from the team fees. Ensure all other expenses incurred by the team are paid before closing team accounts. The zone WILL NOT cover these costs.

First Week (Manager):

  • Schedule parents for scorekeeping, diamond prep and concession workers if required. Your coordinator will be able to tell you if there are any concession duties (11U and 13U).
  • Ensure all team clothing is ordered, if it has not yet been done. A link to zone clothing can be found on our website at Saskatoon A's Baseball. The cost of clothing ordered, other than zone-supplied jerseys, is the team’s responsibility.
  • Confirm tournaments; send cheques/

Team Bank Account (Manager):

  • Set up bank account joint with team treasurer. THIS IS A MUST, as per zone policy. The manager and treasurer should be the signers unless one is a spouse or related to the zone president or treasurer. This MUST be a two to sign and NOT two signors. Ie. each cheque needs to be signed by both people. (This is a requirement of SLGA, and not adhering to this condition could jeopardize our license). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD IT BE SET UP ANY OTHER WAY.
  • Most Credit Union banks will set up a Community Team Account that does not charge monthly fees and offers etransfers.
  • Ensure the treasurer sends out a planned budget to all families.
  • Deposit start-up fees ($200.00 per player plus an extra $30.00 per tournament is a recommended starting amount). Team fees would also cover non-player family coaches, hotels and possibly gas. To lower these costs for the players, you could do a bottle drive, obtain sponsorship or any other agreed form of fundraising.
  • Refer to Zone Bingos in “Other Key Things” below for the payment process of bingos worked.
  • Team accounts should stay open until at least the end of August when BINGOS are done and all other expenses have been paid, including additional practices. Ensure all bingo cheques are issued to the appropriate individuals and disperse any remaining funds to the players. Send your coordinators a final budget, including all deposits, expenses and refunds.

Why the zone requires Team Bank Accounts with Joint Two Signers (neither of who should be a spouse or related to the head coach)

  • Requirement for our Bingo License - SLGA requires all teams to have bank accounts with two signers. We cannot pay individuals directly for any bingos worked after their mandatory bingo. We understand this can be inconvenient, but the bingos benefit our zone greatly. It allows families to pay for baseball expenses throughout the season. Still, it also brings in a percentage directly to the zone that we can use to keep costs down, provide team development, coach and umpire incentives, etc.
  • It is part of the Zone’s Constitution
  • Maintains Integrity
  • It avoids any conflict of interest
  • Security for administration purposes should something happen to one of the signers, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Juanita at

Uniforms and Team Purchased Items:

****Saskatoon A’s Baseball colours are forest green, gold and white. All clothing must have these colours. Teams choosing to order a third jersey to play in must adhere to these colours. Any other colour will not be allowed. (Teams can choose grey or white pants). The executive asks that zone-provided jerseys be worn for approximately 50% of the games and for sure when affiliated players play so everyone looks the same. ****

  • All players must be dressed uniformly; this includes hat selection. DO NOT CHANGE JERSEY NUMBERS.
  • 11U-18U coaches MUST wear zoned provided T-shirts; this is the manager’s job is to ensure this happens.
  • Collection of uniforms: Uniforms need to be returned the same way they were received. If they go out on hangers with buttons done up, please ensure they come back like that. ALL uniforms should be washed and returned on the assigned drop-off date. Please ensure all families understand that if uniforms are returned damaged, we will be cashing the deposit cheque. Please watch for an email closer to the end of the year outlining the return process.

Other Key Things:

  • ZONE BINGOS – While we no longer require a bingo deposit cheque, we still encourage all players 11U and up to work a bingo. Dates for these bingos will be emailed, and sign-up is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates will also be posted on the Saskatoon A’s website. For any questions regarding bingos, please get in touch with Elly at
    • Cheques for each player/family member who choose to work bingos will be made out to the team account and must be deposited there. These funds can be used towards their ball fees; however, the difference MUST be paid to the individual. The treasurer must oblige if they have paid the team fees and strictly want a cheque for the bingos worked. The bingo coordinator will contact teams individually to provide them with the cheques.
  • With the coach’s input, contact a few players to use as affiliated players in case you are short; nice to have a list.
  • Scheduling of parent jobs. Most teams have at least one tournament in the city, where city teams have to work shifts. Provincials are big, and a committee is usually put together based on managers to ensure it goes well. There will be concession workers, field prep and scorekeeping jobs. Make a schedule, so everyone helps.
  • Parent conflict or conflict of opinion. If encountered, you are the go-to person if someone has an issue.
  • Plan at least one team meal at an out-of-town tournament. In a restaurant, hotdogs in a parking lot, or pizza in a breakfast room at the hotel. These are the times players bond the best and parents get to know each other.
  • Book pictures/create a windup plan.
  • Return uniforms and equipment on the date sent out. An email will go out to explain the return.
  • If your team has chosen to participate in provincials, you must ensure your team is registered by the deadline. The deadline for 2024 Provincial Team Roster Registration is June 5, 2024. Registration forms are available at Provincial Championships | Baseball Sask. You can mail in a paper copy or complete it using the online form. Give yourself lots of time for this; there is a penalty if you miss the deadline, and sometimes you may not get in if you are late. Ensure coaches going to provincials have proper certification and are registered in RAMP. For provincial credentials, you can check with division coordinators.

If you have any questions regarding anything in this document, please do not hesitate to contact your division coordinators or Juanita (

Enjoy the season!